Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mikeyssmail Is Phasing Out...

Mikeyssmail orginally was just a user name... it was unknown way back when if anything was ever going to happen... It was thought last year to change Mikeyssmail's name to be more reflective of the Community that has developed... after all it's not about Mikey... it's about all of us coming together and forming a fabulous group....

Ladies and Gentleman we give you something reflective of our community... We are proud owners of TheCrochetCrowd.Com is our New You Tube Channel is our New Facebook Community Page.

I invite you to be one of the first to know about this and to subscribe to both to stay in the loop.

Soon our website is getting a massive overhaul to reflect our community that will have membership privleges and bonuses for viewers!

All new marketing and etc has to be done for this massive change.

So stay with us as we phase into our new homes online... subscribe to stay in the loop! Our new website design is going to blow your socks off... finally professional, finally organized... and finally  user friendly!



  1. I love your work, your teaching, and you. I am so glad you are finally getting all the recognition you deserve. Great job Mikey!

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  3. I am so excited to be apart of The Crochet Crowd!! WTG Mikey. Love everything you do.
    You are such an amazing teacher.
    Keep up the Fab work.
    Kudos to you Hun


    ( my apologies on the previous post. Too many Typos lol )

  4. Hey Mikey... mikeysmail is established, keep it and just forward it to your new url... hate to give away something thats gotten you this far.....

  5. Looking forward to it!! Love to see people actualize their dreams!! Will be waiting for the next step.....Hook On!!

  6. You should announce when you are having the next live on line video so we can join in in real time m