Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Viewers (Community) Taught Me...

I barely slept last night... I am so pysched on the new concept for Mikeyssmail... I have to say... Daniel spent hours yesterday forming names and cross referencing dictionaires and the thesaurus. The new logo for The Crochet Crowd has been formed on graph paper by Daniel and trust me... it blows my mind... not because Daniel thought of it... but because the meaning behind it is no longer Diva Dan & Mikey... IT'S ALL OF US!

Mikeyssmail was just a user name on You Tube which I ended up developing into what it is today. Amazing that a non real name can generate interest... the problem with Mikeyssmail is that the name was self centred around me. YES... my concept but my viewers taught me to reach beyond myself and share my time. I thought I would be sad to see to even consider Mikeyssmail to phase out... but I am not... this is a new beginning on an already fabulous concept.

Our viewers have taught me lessons that have enriched my life beyond belief... and I believe in my soul that the same viewers have reached out to other viewers in need of a creativity boost or appreciation for their projects and accomplishments.

I major celebrity once said, "Everyone wants 1 thing in life... to be Acknowledged!" I will tell you... that is what I was looking for in the very beginning... but this has reached a point where I get that and share it my viewers (or our community) too... and we do that right here on Facebook and through You Tube. Give the community a lime light and their few minutes of joy through expressing gratitude of their accomplishment.

My mother taught me to strive for 1 Million Dollars... trust me when I say it's not everything... the joy I have within myself at times is beyond 1 Million Dollars because the feeling in so real and reachable. Sure... money does buy comfort and a standard of living, but the joy is personal happiness is fair greater as it can touch people while you are communicating with others which has the power to turn someone's "OK" day into a "Fabulous" Day.

So... Thanks So Much... and now I have to learn to stop saying viewer and start using Community...

:) Michael

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  1. Mikey- you are so worthy of all the love and attention that you get. It's because you are doing this for every man or woman who has started a project- gets stuck - and puts the project in a closet -never to be seen again. It also expands our knowledge of different stitches- which for me- has given me back my love of crochet. I used to do nothing but granny squares- but now- for every project- I try a new stitch- which for me-is totally exciting. I'm so proud when I finish a project- and because of you -to stretch our budget- I'm making all of our Christmas presents this year. Two of my good friends are doing the same. That's one good thing that has come out of our economic mess- people are going back to the old way of thinking.So- be proud- you AND Dan- you work your butts off just to share your talent- and we all love you for it!!!! Enjoy it!!!!!